Manual in terms of Section 51 (PAIA Manual)
Kondotel Beherend (Proprietary) Limited
 (Registration number: 1985/000833/07)
Manual in terms of section 51 of the 
Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2 of 2000

Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2 of 2000 (The Act)
Section 51 Manual of Kondotel Beherend (Proprietary) Limited  (Registration number: 1985/000833/07)
1.Contact particulars
Head of business:JH KrugerInformation officer:JH Kruger
Postal address:PO Box 2500Physical address:21 Rocky Street
Telephone number:011 782 0150Fax number:011 782 0149
Holding company
3.Guide in terms of section 10 of The Act
Any person who wishes to exercise any right contemplated in The Act may obtain a copy of the information guide issued by the Human Rights Commission in all official languages, from the Human Rights Commission, tel (011) 887-3600.
4.Facilitation of a request for access to information
Information which is not readily available as indicated in this manual, may be requested in accordance with the procedure prescribed in terms of the Act. Copies of the prescribed forms to be completed for submitting a request, are available from Kondotel Beherend (Proprietary) Limited.
5.Information available in terms of other legislation
Information is available in terms of certain provisions of the following legislation:
5.1Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997
5.2BBBEE Act 53 of 2003
5.3Companies Act 61 of 1973
5.4Companies Act 71 of 2008
5.5Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Health Diseases Act 130 of 1993
5.6Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998
5.7Income Tax Act 58 of 1962
5.8Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995
5.9Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993
5.10Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000
5.11South African Revenue Services Act 34 of 1997
5.12Unemployment Contributions Act 4 of 2002
5.13Unemployment Insurance Act 63 of 2001
5.14Value Added Tax Act 89 of 1991
6.Information automatically available
The following categories of records are automatically available for inspection, purchase or photocopying:
6.2Pamphlets / Brochures

6.5Marketing and promotional material
7.Information available in terms of The Act
The subjects on which the business holds records and the categories on each subject are as listed below. Please note that a requestor is not automatically allowed access to these records and that access to them may or must be refused in accordance with section 62 to 69 of The Act.
7.1Accounting records
7.1.1Annual financial statements and working papers
7.1.2General ledger
7.1.3Subsidiary ledgers (receivables, payables, etc.)
7.1.4Bank statements, cheque books, cheques
7.1.5Customer and supplier statements and invoices
7.1.6Deposit slips
7.1.7Cash books and petty cash books
7.1.8Fixed asset register
7.1.9Tax returns and assessments
7.1.10VAT returns
7.1.11Lease or instalment sale agreements
7.1.12Budgets and business plans
7.1.13Insurance records
7.1.14Investment records
7.1.15Auditor's reports
7.1.16Systems documentation
7.1.17Management reviews
7.1.18Capital expenditure
7.1.19Credit agreements
7.1.20Record of assets
7.1.21Record of liabilities
7.1.22Record of loans to related parties
7.1.23Record of liabilities and obligations
7.1.24Record of revenue
7.1.25Record of expenses
7.2.1Working papers
7.3Health and Safety
7.3.1Register, record of earnings, time worked, payment and particulars of all employees
7.4Information Technology
7.4.2Client database
7.4.6LAN Installations
7.4.7Operating systems
7.4.8Software packages
7.4.9Telephone exchange equipment

7.4.10Telephone lines, leased lines and data lines
7.5.1Claim records
7.5.2Details of coverage, limits and insurers
7.5.3Insurance policies
7.6Intellectual Property
7.6.1Agreements relating to intellectual property, e.g. license agreements, secrecy agreements, research and development agreements, use agreements, joint venture agreements and joint development agreements.
7.7Legal, Agreements and Contracts
7.7.1Acquisition or disposal documentation
7.7.2Agreements with contractors, suppliers and clients
7.7.3Agreements with customers
7.7.4Agreements with shareholders, officers or directors
7.7.5Material agreements relating to provision of services or materials
7.7.6Material licenses, permits and authorisations
7.7.7Contracts, including lease agreements and finance agreements
7.7.8Restraint agreements
7.7.9Sale agreements
7.7.10Settlement agreements
7.7.11Warranty agreements
7.8Personnel Records
7.8.1Arbitration awards
7.8.2Attendance register
7.8.3Bargaining Council documents
7.8.4Collective agreements
7.8.5Disciplinary records
7.8.6Employee evaluation and performance records
7.8.7Employee information records
7.8.8Employee loans
7.8.9Employee remuneration
7.8.10Employment applications
7.8.11Employee date of birth
7.8.12Employment contracts
7.8.13Employment equity plan
7.8.14Expense accounts
7.8.15Health and safety records
7.8.16Incentive schemes
7.8.17Industrial training records
7.8.18IRP 5 and IT 3 certificates
7.8.19Letters of appointment
7.8.20Leave applications
7.8.21Maternity leave policy
7.8.22Medical aid records
7.8.23Name and occupation of each employee  
7.8.24Organisational design
7.8.26Particulars of each employee  

7.8.27Personnel file
7.8.28Policies and procedures
7.8.29Records of foreign employees
7.8.30Records of strikes, lockouts or protest action
7.8.31Recruitment and appointments
7.8.32Relocation policy
7.8.33Registered trade unions / employers' organisations documents, list of members and ballot papers
7.8.34Salary and wage registers
7.8.35Salary slips and wage records
7.8.36Staff records after employment
7.8.37Strike, lock out or protest action records
7.8.38Time records
7.8.39Training and development
7.8.40UIF, PAYE and SDL returns
7.8.41Workmen's Compensation documents
7.9Sales and Marketing
7.9.1Brochures, newsletters and marketing material
7.9.3Public relations policies and procedures
7.9.4Service and product information
7.10Statutory Company Records
7.10.1Annual Statutory Returns
7.10.2Certificate of Change of Name
7.10.3Certificate of Incorporation
7.10.4Certificate to Commence Business
7.10.5Dividend register
7.10.6Directors' attendance register